What El Niño Could Mean for Global Hunger

Imagine what it would be like to live on $1 a day, as millions do in the developing world. Now imagine the potentially devastating effects that El Niño will have on the world’s poorest-of-the-poor in obtaining food and access to fertile agricultural lands. In a new report by the United Nations cited by the LA Times, there are dire warnings that more than 2 million people in Central America alone will need food aid due to drought conditions caused by El Niño, which has caused “significant failure in crop harvest.” Climate shifts have already caused new droughts reported in Indonesia and the Philippines. The double-wammie of an El Niño of course will be the epic rains and floods not seen since the 1950s. Hurricane Patricia which hit Mexico last month is just a prelude to what lies ahead in the next few months. The United Nations Children’s Fund warned that “11 million children are at risk from hunger, disease and lack of water due to El Nino in eastern and southern Africa alone.”

How can you help? Be proactive by writing your politicians to demand more be done NOW by governments around the world. Donate to Global Hunger Foundation to make a difference with a financial gift. Or educate yourself by reading more about the potentially devastating effects of El Niño. You can start with this article from the LA Times.

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