Climate Change and Food Waste

As world leaders and environmental activists are heading to Paris next week, we came upon a novel concept that ties produce waste to saving the planet. In northern California there is an upstart NGO that rescues ugly produce that would normally be destined for the waste heap and instead offers consumers a drastic 30-50% reduction on their market price. It seems the problem is huge on a national scale: some 30% of American produce is rejected by grocery stores because of their funny shapes and sizes. That means more food waste is contributing to an increase in green house gases and, even worse, very edible and nutritious food is not going to feed people. We all need small ways to reduce our carbon footprint, so next time you see two ugly carrots jointed at the base, go ahead an indulge and know that you belly will be happier and you are part of saving the planet. Oh. And if you want to make sure that hungry people are fed as well, remember to give generously during this holiday season to Global Hunger Foundation.

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