Hunger: The Syrian Conflict’s New Weapon

There’s a new tool in the arsenal in the Syrian madness: Hunger. Mass starvation has taken the place of chemical and biological weapons and is the new political weapon inflicted on Syria’s most vulnerable. In a single Syrian town named Madaya, Doctors Without Borders reported 23 people have starved to death since the beginning of December. Desperate people are eating grass and slaughtering cats to fend off starvation. Why isn’t the World Food Programme organizing airborne food drops to these hard to reach besieged communities? The WFP is spending $25 million each week to meet the basic food needs of some 4 million people inside Syria. Their operations and logistical challenges are complex given the insecurity on the ground.

We get all that. We, however, have a responsibility to do something. $1 US feeds 2 people inside Syria for one day. So break open your kids piggy banks and help us. Donate now.

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