Oscar Romero – the heart of El Salvador

One of the thousands of paintings of Oscar Romero in El Salvador. 

Romero’s church in San Salvador, where he was assassinated in 1980. 

His (Romero) ministry was distinguished by a particular attention to the most poor and marginalized. -Pope Francis

As I am visiting El Salvador for the first time, I feel how immensely influential Archbishop Oscar Romero is in the civil movement of the Salvadorian people. At the core of Romero was his working for the betterment of the Salvadorian people. On March 24, 1980, Romero was assassinated. He was just 62. Ever since the first assassination of a priest of which was Romero’s very good friend, Rutilio Grande in 1977, Romero’s direction changed. He began fighting for the poor of El Salvador.  He began speaking out at those who marginalized others. Romero’s influence grew massively. To say the Salvadorian  people love him is an understatement. He is still seen in posters, Tshirts, murals all over El Salvador. 
The impact of Romero is clearly evident everywhere. To begin to understand the Salvadorian people, we must recognize that Oscar Romero remains the heart of El Salvador. 

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