Angela’s garden


Angela (on the right), Paulina from Share El Salvador (middle) and Angela’s husband, in her garden.

The women from CCR (Juanita on the right) who assist Angela and many other women to grow their own food in the Chalatenango region.

Angela’s garden above.

The community spirit is very much alive in San Jose Las Flores, El Salvador. Yesterday I met Angela, who is one of the women farmers in the Chalatenango region, that the Global Hunger Foundation supports through Share El Salvador. The home garden she has created and maintained is amazing. There are beans, cucumbers, pineapple, corn, tomatoes and more. And with the garden she has created, every single space is used, both on the ground and above.

This garden has created food sustainability for the family, something that eluded them for years prior to the assistance from CCR and Share. The family purchased processed foods, which was much more costly and less healthy. This reliance on processed foods is not feasible in the long term for many of the families in Los Flores.

Other food sustainability chains that Angela and her family created are seed saving and seed sharing/exchanging. Angela, like many other women community members that have gardens, save seeds and plant more crops. They also share seeds with other members of the community.

Angela has said that the garden, which was started 3 years ago, means much more nutritious meals for her family. Juanita from CCR holds workshops to teach the women of the community how to cook healthier meals.

The community in San Jose Las Flores is just one of the many towns that the Global Hunger Foundation, Share El Salvador and CCR work together to help. And although Angela is only one of the recepients, she and her family pay the benefits forward with many, many others in Chlatenango.

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