The School for Food Sustainability in San Jose Las Flores


Two 7th grade students at the school in San Jose Las Flores, El Salvador, who learn extensively about food sustainability.


Juanita from the CCR (The Association of Communities for the Development of Chalatenango), who connects the people and organizations of the Chalatenango region with resources and training for food sustainability.


The principal (on the right), a strong advocate and educator of food and environmental sustainability, talking to Juanita (left) and another woman from the CCR.

In the last blog, Angela’s garden, I mentioned that Angela paid her garden fortune forward to others.  This school, which was about 5 minutes down the road from Angela’s house in San Jose Las Flores, El Salvador, is one of these recipients.

The school, which educates most of the children in the San Juan Los Flores area, boosts one of the most beautiful and extensive gardens I have ever seen.  There are beans, corn, cucumbers, avocado, bananas, tomatoes, mango, pineapple and more.  The school is also building a tilapia pond.  What is even more amazing about this school garden is that the students of the school are the primary care takers.  The principal (pictured above) has taught them how to plant and cultivate and why it is essential for them to understand the health and environmental implications of growing, cultivating and preparing their own food.  His spirit and passion for food and environmental sustainability is beyond insightful.  (Stay tuned for video footage of the principal and others on their gardens)

Two of the students in grade 7 talked about how fun and impactful it is to grow and prepare their own food.  Both said that it made them see first hand how healthy eating affected their energy levels in school.


A snapshot of the school garden


Each grade has their own crops to tend to.  The school breakfasts and lunches are made from the vegetables and fruits grown in this garden.

Food sustainability thrives in this small town in Chalatenango.  And what is even more amazing is the community’s spirit and giving that continues to increase awareness and food sustainability within this community.  There are many factors in Chalatenango and other regions in El Salvador, like mining, corporate pollution and more that threaten the well being of rural towns in the country.  However, the tenacity and communal power of the Salvadorian people have inspired this school garden and many people’s hearts and minds to work and fight for El Salvador.











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