Collaboration with Share El Salvador in Chalatenango

One of the most amazing aspects about seeing the women’s projects that the Global Hunger Foundation funds in El Salvador, are the immense collaborative efforts of Share El Salvador with other organizations in the country.  They all work together to find the best possible solutions for sensitive and critical issues that face many developing countries.  In El Salvador, it was particularly interesting to see that many Salvadorians are open to discussing challenging, pressing topics, such as women’s rights, environmental sustainability and the effects of globalization, in a way that we don’t see often here in the US.

Having visited Chalatenango city, San Jose Las Flores, Arcatao and Nueva Trinidad – each place hosted discussions with various members of the community to openly share critical issues that face the community and their country.  In San Jose Las Flores, the collective power of women was very evident and encouraged.

(above) San Jose Las Flores, El Salvador – the communities’ committee members discussing issues facing San Juan Los Flores.  This particular group was mostly made up of women in the community, a contrast to the more male dominated committees in the other Chalatenango communities.

Collaboration with Share El Salvador

Global Hunger Foundation works in collaboration with Share El Salvador on women’s empowerment projects.  One such project is described below.

Project Name: Empowering Women in Political, Economic, and Social Advocacy

By facilitating discussion, promoting space for open exchange, and supporting concrete projects like microloans and family vegetable gardens, this project contributes to women’s leadership development in the CCR region. Women have the right to participate in decision-making processes at all levels: community, municipals, national etc. Unfortunately, cultural norms in El Salvador often exclude women during decision-making processes. The project works to remedy this by promoting the recognition of the rights of women and the creation of space for women to participate at all levels of society. By supporting the empowerment of women leaders, raising awareness of women’s rights, and creating economic opportunities, this project will greatly strengthen 70 community-based women’s committees and create a lasting impact on their communities.

Specific Project Elements:

  • Training, supplies and support for family vegetable gardens for the members of three Municipal Women’s Committees, a total of 77 families. These gardens will help women and their families work towards food sovereignty, manage the food crisis, and provide additional income for poor families
  • Continuing support for over 300 community gardens founded since 2010
  • Support for women’s committees to motivate and promote women’s participation in communities
Chalatenango – A few of the recipients of the family vegetable garden project supported by the Global Hunger Foundation.

It is inspiring to see people, particularly women, working together so closely with such warmth and strength, to create sustainable food systems that benefit ALL people in their communities.  To see first hand that when the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization said, “if women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry in the world would be reduced by up to 150 million” is very true,  is proof enough that we need to EMPOWER MORE WOMEN!!

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