Our Mission

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If not now, when?

The Global Hunger Foundation® is dedicated to raising consciousness and funds to prevent and alleviate hunger in the developing world by empowering women towards sustainable, organic agricultural production; and at the same time advocating for the end to hunger and its causes.



GHF™ wants to give women farmers:
 The tools and training to farm sustainably
 Investments in labor saving technology

Besides our focus on empowering and helping women in the fight against hunger, we are different from other hunger charities in two important ways.

First, we are a local charity with global projects. We support work in 4 continents and even do work here locally in Los Angeles. We aren’t the superstore of charities, we are the farmer’s market of charities.

Second, we only support sustainable organic farming practices that do not use genetically modified food. GMOs can interfere with or even wipe out native ecosystems. In addition, GMOs often have little to no historical or cultural bonds to an area. We only support projects furthermore that use organic fertilizers and pesticides. Fighting hunger doesn’t mean we must destroy people’s native cultural and historical harvesting, cooking, and eating traditions. Furthermore, we only support projects that use organize fertilizers and pesticides.


Ecological Balance Organic Farming Practices
 Increases soil fertility Crop rotations
 Prevents pesticides and herbicides  Inter-cropping
 Conserves energy overtime Symbiotic associations
 Increases biodiversity Cover crops
 Minimizes nutrient loss Minimum tillage
(less exposure to erosive forces)