Haiti and El Salvador

This past year, GHF newly partnered with TOGETHER FOR HAITI.

TOGETHER FOR HAITI exists to provide opportunities for the education, growth, and development of the Haitian people.  The burdens of generational poverty and lack of opportunity tear at the fabric of Haitian society. We work to provide the training, tools, and resources necessary to restore dignity and opportunity in order to help the Haitian people thrive.
Our grant will help them do the following:
Together for Haiti has been working in the community of Ferrier, located in the North East Department of Haiti.  We have several ongoing programs in this area, with a large percentage of the beneficiaries being women or girls.   The GHF grant will allow us to launch a new program, targeting women smallholder farmers.  We will offer the following to each woman:
– Training and advice on best farming practices
– Advice on local market-driven crop selection
– Assistance during harvest and training in best harvesting practices
– Access to and advice from a university-trained and experienced agronomist
– Assistance in transporting and selling their produce to local markets or wholesalers
– Establish an account with the local farming cooperative bank

GHF also newly partnered with Fonkoze.

Fonzoke was created over 25 years ago to bring financial inclusion and development services to Haiti’s poor – providing them a viable way to lift themselves out of poverty.
GHF’s grant was for:


Financing an agronomist to train Community Health Entrepreneurs in the importance of household gardening as well as in agricultural strategies for growing nutritious vegetables to complement the household diet (including tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, and other vegetables). The grant would also support the procurement of seeds for these crops and teach more sustainable and organic agricultural methods to the women of Haiti.


SHARE Foundation in Chalatenango, El Salvador.